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Here’s the best way to run an affiliate report if you are paying your affiliates outside of Infusionsoft. First, do a search for all payments under Ecommerce -> Reports. Arrange the dates for the timeframe you want to see a report for. You’ll see a list of all payments made in that time period. Note […]

Here’s my implementation of what Jordan Hatch shared on one of his mastermind calls. It’s not truly random, but pretty simple to implement. Make sure to remove the resulting tags before randomizing a new group. Here’s a look in one of the rulesets. The ruleset for the other group fills in the gaps- last name […]

Want to deal with spam on Infusionsoft forms without using Captcha? Try this campaign: It starts off with your opt in form. The decision diamond goes to both sequences. At the top level, wait a week and then apply a tag that they didn’t open the first email. This sequence gets stopped by the tag […]

Here’s how to manually opt someone back in to emails in Infusionsoft. Go to their contact record. You’ll see something like this on the lower right of the top half of the page: To opt them back in, click on ‘Manage Email Status’. Then click on ‘Indicate you have permission to market to this address…’ […]

You may have a hard time importing credit card data in to Infusionsoft if you get it from and it is a protected workbook. Here is how to unprotect the workbook so that Infusionsoft can read it: Also, when you save your data as a .CSV, don’t open it again in excel, lest […]

Want to see who all has joined your database in the last 30 days? Go to CRM -> Contacts. Go to the Misc Criteria tab. Under the Date Created Interval, choose 30 days. Click Search. You now see a list of the contact records created in the last 30 days. Want to see only new […]

Infusionsoft users: Ever wanted to see how often people are clicking in your emails, or see who is clicking most often? 1. Go to, replacing APPNAME with your appname. 2. Look in upper left- how many contacts were returned? 3. Click on Edit Criteria/Columns. 4. Change Total Email Clicked to “greater or equal” to […]

First, the results. In the first quarter of 2012, Linda Keith CPA averaged 12.5 new leads a month. These were all subscriptions to her monthly email answering questions from lenders and credit analysts. For the same time in 2013, Linda averaged 41 new subscribers a month plus another 11+ new leads who didn’t opt in […]