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Tracking campaigns measure things like how long it takes a new contact to make their first purchase, or how much a contact has spent in total. Today I’m showing you the top 5 ways to start these campaigns. For what statistics you should collect in these campaigns, check out PlusThis for their suite of tracker […]

The Problem My client wants to say in an email: “Hello Brian, it’s Week 10. How are you coming on your goals?” Infusionsoft natively supports many different ways of phrasing dates in merge fields. Notice there is no Week of Year option. Here’s how we make that happen in Infusionsoft with a little bit of […]

If creating content matters to your business, you need to do three things: 1. Capture content ideas 2. Put them in the right spot so you can create the content later 3. Create the content I find #1 the hardest. I have ideas for Red Beard University posts all the time. But stopping what I […]

I already syndicate Red Beard University to Twitter via Zapier. But I would like to include my tags as hashtags in my tweet. Here’s the old Zap: Yep, it also pings Facebook and LinkedIn. Here’s the guts of the Twitter action: Note that it says Description and not Title in the first merge area. That’s […]

You should keep an editorial calendar where you know what to write on which day, right? My brain doesn’t work like that. I’d rather write when I want to write, about what I find interesting right then, and schedule it appropriately so I’m delivering a steady amount of value to my subscribers. The key word […]