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Let’s walk you through the process. Click any image to enlarge it. Log in to FixYourFunnel at Then click on Services -> Telephone -> Mobile Marketing. To duplicate an existing campaign, click the Duplicate button. If you don’t have a campaign to duplicate, click the Add Conversation button in the far upper right. Change […]

Novak Solutions has you covered with their free plugin. “Infusionsoft Exit Optin works by showing a web form in an in-page popup but only when the visitor tries to leave the page.” Get the plugin free at http:/

Go to the Share Link Generator. Put in your tweet you want to be able to share through a hyperlink. Take the “URL Only” output code, then add this magic: %20%23Hashtag Where Hashtag is what you want your hashtag to be. So your final hyperlink anchor will be:

My client’s Infusionsoft-powered Contact Us form puts a task in Asana to follow up with people who ask a question. To get this for your company, sign up for free at Zapier at You’ll need your Infusionsoft API key, Infusionsoft app name, and Asana key. Here’s the before and after: The values you see […]

Want to give people direct access to your CustomerHub content? Here’s the code: If you need more detail, check out the Infusionsoft User Guide:

Want to merge a custom field in to CustomerHub? Go to Settings -> Application Settings. Then, go down to Custom Fields. Add in your Infusionsoft database field names, which you can find in Admin -> Settings. Then click on “View the field database names (for the API)” Put those in to the CustomerHub field and […]

***Update- I’ve edited my post to be more in line with Infusionsoft security standards.*** Want to show a rotating partial in CustomerHub? Start with a .htm file that rotates between your images. Each image can link to a different place, so you could have images of 4 products, rotating between products, each one linking to […]