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You know Feedbolt emails your WordPress posts to contacts with an Infusionsoft tag. While Feedbolt internally shows stats on how many clicks each link earned, wouldn’t you like to see that in Google Analytics as well? Here’s the code: ~<a href="~RSS.URL~?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter">Read More…</a></p> Change ‘newsletter’ and ’email’ as appropriate for you. Or build a different UTM […]

To add a hidden Email field to an Infusionsoft form in CustomerHub, add this code: <input name=”inf_field_Email” type=”hidden” value=” {{ }} ” /> You’ll also need to add the hidden email field in the form in Campaign Builder. This code calls in the User Email with the {{ }} variable. You can call […]

Asana is awesome, but it won’t let you move tasks between Workspaces. When you use Asana for your own business as well as multiple clients, this can create a problem. Recently we decided to move all our tasks for one client in to their Workspace for better communication about priorities and better visibility in to […]

Memberium is an Infusionsoft membership site plugin for WordPress. On a page or a post, I can use this shortcode to show content only to people who are logged in. But that code breaks in a template. Here is what I need to use in a template: <?php echo do_shortcode(”); ?> Get Memberium here.